At the Hudson House Grand Hotel, we, the staff, hope you will enjoy the special attention we have provided. The architecture and style of the furnishings are designed to supply you with the comfort and beauty of a high quality inn at an inexpensive price.

Although the Inn has been remodeled and renovated, we have attempted to preserve the unique essence and warmth of the “Old Roadside Inn” while creating a modern, up-to-date hotel with a vast array of services and amenities. Wireless and Hardwire Internet are available in all sleeping rooms.

Located on the hill overlooking one of the most beautiful areas in the U.S. (The St. Croix Valley), the Hudson House Grand Hotel has long been a welcome beacon for weary travelers, visitors, sportsmen, business people and excited vacationing families. By always doing our best to delight all of our guests, we have been greatly rewarded and pleased by continued popularity.

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